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About Us

fino-about.jpgXtreme Valor Apparel

 Xtreme Valor is:

Xtreme: The furthest or highest degree of something • the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity. 

Valor: The qualities of a hero or heroine; exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger (especially in battle) 

So broken down Xtreme Valor is the greatest possible degree of courage when facing danger!! 

This is what Xtreme Valor stands for. These are the qualities we show day in and day out! Whether it's fighting fires, fighting the war on crime, or fighting to protect this country and everything it stands for! We put our life on the line for strangers for friends, for family, for our community's and for our country!. This is what we do, this is "The Life We Chose" So Be proud of it, be proud of what you do, be proud of what you wear!
Xtreme Valor Truly Dedicated Apparel!

Xtreme Valor Apparel was created by a couple of NYC's Bravest. The Shirts are high quality, soft and comfortable 100% cotton. Our distressed shirts are the same with the quality and feel equal to Ed Hardy and Affliction styles! They are designed to represent fire fighters and all occupations where "Fear Is No Option". Whether it is walking into 1000 degree inferno, a crime scene with guns a blazing, or protecting our great country. We all put our life on the line protecting life while risking our own! It's all part of the job we chose to take. See fear, face fear and deny fear! Why? 
Because honestly: "Fear Is No Option" 

Fear Is No Option (F.I.N.O), is also a state of mind and a way of life, in life we all have fears, and most of those Fears we face head on so we can move forward and on with our lives. So what ever fear you may have, or have to face in life don't let it hold you back! face it, and make sure "Fear Is No Option" and live your life to the fullest!

Come Visit Xtreme Valor Apparel and Exact Fire at Fire House Expo July 25-27th
Booth #1805 We will Be Forcing Doors and Selling Shirts.


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